Little Green Dog

On my recent trip overseas, I was astounded by the amount of rubbish and the number of single use plastic items was gob-smacking.
I thought when travelling, if everyone picked up one piece of rubbish what a great idea! Just a little thing done by each of us would make a significant difference. We don’t have to change the world all at once but little by little would be a fantastic start.
We here at Ripponvale Pet Retreat embrace recycling and have reduced our amount of landfill rubbish by more than half in the last two years. 

We use wood fire pellets for cat litter in the cattery instead of traditional kitty litter crystals. This is a great product that can be spread under the trees in the orchard to breakdown naturally and keep the weeds down.

Plant based, home compostable poop bags that dont sh*t on the environment!

We used conventional poo bags that claim to be recyclable, but it is always a debatable topic. You can imagine our delight when we came across Little Green Dog's fully biodegradable, certified 100%, plant-based poo bags.

Now we feel like we are saving the environment one dog poo at a time!