My love of the Ultrahund brand started when I was on holiday in Australia. I saw these funky collars, leads and harnesses which got me thinking…

What do we see at our Ripponvale Pet Retreat?

Big dogs with flimsy collars, thin leads that offer no control for the owner, tiny D rings almost too small to hook the lead onto, dogs that pull and do not walk on the lead well and beautifully groomed dogs with stinky old collars.

Why not stock this product at the kennels, trial the product on dogs we have and recommend it to our customers! We have used the no pull freedom harness on so many dogs that pull on the lead on our morning walks and have had fantastic results. We can now walk these dogs with a number of others in the group with very little, or even no pulling …. that’s a big thumbs up from us!

The opposite works to, sometimes we have little tiny tots and a small harness makes the walking experience so much more comfortable for them. 

 All Ultrahund products are made from genuine polymer coated webbing, which despite its softness is incredibly strong, durable and waterproof. Just wash with a mild detergent and it will remain hygienic and stink free for years.

Too easy!